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Best E-Cigarette UK | E-Cigarette Reviews 2014

We evaluate the best e-cigarette review sites and their preferred top 10 electronic cigarettes, compare their best e-cig results and summarise our findings. This is not based on our subjective views nor is it biased on fees that are paid to e-cigarette review sites by e-cigarette companies. To find out how we calculate our findings, please click below.

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By Tracey Jackson, Best E-cigarette UK

The best e cigarette UK spot for April is held by:

e-cig First Place

V2: Best Electronic Cigarette UK - 57 points

“V2 Cigs is currently the brand that all the best e-cigarette review sites polled in 2014, show is far and away the best electronic cigarette company, hands down. V2 Cigs is the best e-cigarette UK that you can buy at the moment”

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e-cig Second Place

Green Smoke. Reviews UK - 43 points

“These e-cigarettes have a good price for a good product. Deserves to be rated a top five e-cigarette"

Green Smoke e-cig uk are really good quality. It looks like they spent a lot of time making the design appealing to smokers who are looking for a “greener” alternative electronic cigarette. Good prospect from e cigarette reviews UK sites.
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e-cig Third Place

South Beach E-Cig Reviews:- 32 points

“Lands in top three best e-cigarette UK for its taste, throat hit and strong electronics. Top 5 UK E-Cigarette”

What I love about South Beach electronic cigarettes is that they have some of the best flavours around. The reason I quit smoking was because I love their flavours.
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e-cig Fourth Place

Jack Vapour V1 Reviews - 20 points

“Good vapour. Start kit has a PCC, good option for a uk ecig, Cartomisers not sold in bulk- more costly"

Limited flavours but refillable cartridges so a viable competitor in the competitive best UK electronic cigarettes market. Scored highly in two best electronic cigarette reviews uk but out of stock for some time now. - in stock now

By Tracey Jackson
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e-cig Fifth Place

Vapor Couture (Best E-Cigarette Reviews: Women)

“Distinctive, slim and elegant, editors fashion choice for women”

A bit more expensive than some of the best e-cigs, I love the designs. As a female smoker, I’m really glad to see a company stand up and brand a product exclusively for women. Love, love, love it! The best electronic cigarette UK for women out there.

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